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Special Announcements:

Presbytery Web Site

This Presbytery Web Site is now officially up and running. If you are interested in helping with this in any way, with ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see this Site contain. Do let me know.

Please do send me digital photos of your church and/or your parish that can be either added to this site or made into top of the page banners.

Rev. R. F. Campbell
- Site Webmaster.

Presbytery Committees


The Business Commitee deals with all matters relating to the Presbytery, referring specific matters to the appropriate Presbytery Committee, it guides Presbytery as to when it might deal with new matters of business and proposes an order of business for each Presbtyery meeting.

Convener: Rev A Murray
Date of Next Meetings:Tues 20th Jan 7.00pm
Inshes Church, Inverness.

Church and Society

The Church and Society Committee deals with social, public and community issues and seeks to engage Presbytery in debate on these matters.

Convener: Mrs Vivian Roden
East Church Halls, Inverness
Date of Next Meeting: Thurs. 15th Jan. .5.00pm
East Church Halls, Inverness

Education and Outreach

The Education and Outreach Committee deals with all matters concerning Religious Education, education in Schools and also Further Education. It is concerned with proving a strategy for mission and with promoting the Overseas work of the Church of Scotland. It considers also promtion of the Christian Faith in all forms of media.

Convener: Rev A McMillan
Date of Next Meeting:

Kinmylies Church

The Finance Committee deals with the promotion of Christian Stewardship, Mission and Renewal Fund allocations, vacancy schedules and stipend matters.

Convener: Rev A Younger
Date of Next Meeting:
Nairn Old Parish Church


The Ministry Committee oversees the well-being and pastoral care of ministers, co-ordinates Study Leave and deals with all matters relating to students entering the ministry and readers in training. It oversees all aspects of the well-being and pastoral care of ministers and deals with matters of parish boundaries and readjustment.

Convener: Rev P Donald
Date of Next Meeting: Thurs. 12th Feb at 7.30pm
Crown Church, Inverness

Doctrine and Worship

The Doctrine and Worship committee exists to provide opportunities for presbytery to reflect on matters of doctrine and worship and to engage with ecumenical affairs.

Convener: Rev Dr ATB McGowan
Date of Next Meeting:
East Church Halls, Inverness

Beauly church

Presbyterial Superintendence

The Presbyterial Superintendence Committee deals with all matters relating to the superintendence of ministers and congregations within the bounds of Presbytery. It arranges quinquennial visitations and any matters relating to such. It is also responsible for all matters in regard to Safeguarding.

Convener:Rev David Scott
Date of Next Meeting:
Inshes Church, Inverness

St Columba's Church

Property and Works

The Property and Works Committee deals with matters relating to Church property within the Presbytery.

Convener: Mr F McCubbin
Date of Next Meeting: 14th Jan. 2015