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"Christ is not coming back for the religious but the redeemed; not the refined but the regenerated; not the respectable but the righteous"

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We do hope that you will enjoy exploring these pages and find them useful!

In the following pages you can learn a little about the Presbytery of Inverness

"The Presbytery of Inverness will enable its congregations to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and their experience of the Living God with the communities in which they live."

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Presbytery of Inverness Web Site

  • Congregations
    This page contains a list of the congregations within the Presbytery of Inverness, the names of their ministers and links to those churches that have Web Sites.

  • Committees
    Information about Presbytery committees, who the Convenor is, when and where they meet, and the minutes of the last meeting where available.

  • Presbytery
    A short history of the Presbytery of Inverness (to be completed). Present office bearers. Link to approved minutes of previous meeting of Presbytery. List of the present and past Moderator's of Presbytery since the year 2000.

  • Eco-congregation Network
    News and information from the newly formed Inverness and beyond churches eco-congregation network. Dates of ocassional meetings. Links to useful websites etc.

  • Devotional Thought
    A thought for the month produced by the Presbytery Clerk for the Presbytery Web site. A devotional reflection on faith in Christ with a missionary aim.


  • Mission
    Information from the Presbytery Education and Outreach Committee and Reports from local churches about Missions that they have been involved in abroad as a congregations or along with other congregations.

  • Youth
    Whats going on for young people in our churches. Information on local and national events, christian music, mission, publications etc.

  • Useful links to other Christian sites.
    A page of links to other Christian church's sites, Christian organisations and sites of special interest. If you know of any good sites we want to know about them! Do tell us!

  • Webmaster
    Information about the minister who is the author of this Web Site. Details of how it was constructed. Credits, thank you's and acknowledgements. Let me know what you like and what you don't like about this site!